Pastor Mark Garret preaching at the Well Church in Hemet, CA

Patience in Suffering, Part 2 | Pastor Mark Garrett

In his sermon “Patience in Suffering (Part 2)”, Pastor Mark Garrett delves into the topic of suffering, including depression, among Christians, providing a fresh perspective that combines personal experience, biblical references, and practical advice. He emphasizes that feelings of sorrow or depression aren’t indicative of a lack of faith. In fact, renowned religious figures like CH Spurgeon and Martin Luther also experienced bouts of depression.

Pastor Mark encourages us to share our suffering with others, allowing them to walk alongside us in our journey. He highlights the importance of hope as an antidote to depression, urging us to stop asking “why” and rest on God’s promises instead. He cites King David’s struggles, particularly as detailed in Psalm 42, where David expresses longing to meet with God amidst his tribulations.

Moreover, this sermon reminds us that when we’re feeling low, people tend to add to our burdens, as was the case with David during Absalom’s revolt. He draws parallels between David’s experiences and those of Jesus, who despite suffering greatly, never turned away from God.

Reflecting on his personal journey, Pastor Mark recounts his struggle with guilt and shame from his past. His turning point came when God revealed to him that his feelings were a stronghold that needed to be broken. This breakthrough allowed him to move forward, no longer burdened by the weight of his past.

Using the story of Elijah in Kings 18 and 19, Pastor Mark highlights that God is not just present in grand gestures but also in small, personal moments. He emphasizes the importance of staying connected with other believers during times of despondency, rather than isolating ourselves.

Finally, Pastor Mark encourages us to keep heaven and our ultimate reward in Jesus in mind. He reiterates that difficult times are not a signal to abandon hope, but rather an opportunity to rejoice in the hope of heaven. By maintaining this perspective, we can serve God with joy, be patient in tribulation, and ultimately become resilient against Satan’s attacks.