Tom Gilbreath speaking at The Well church in Hemet on 10-22-2023 regarding the events in Israel and how we can prepare for end-times troubles from evildoers.

God Is Our Refuge | Tom Gilbreath

In his message, Tom Gilbreath examines the recent unsettling events in Israel, their implications, and ways they can cause fear. He points out that perilous times do not negate the promises of God to each one of us.

Israel is at war. The recent terrorist attacks on that nation killed, maimed, and kidnapped children and the elderly. The terrorists attacked men and women in their beds, homes, cars, and at a music festival for young people. This massive assault seems to have revved things up to a fever pitch, hurtling the world faster and faster toward the end of the end times.

US leaders continue to support Israel, but in cities across the United States and around the world, demonstrators support the killers and kidnappers. These protestors rail against Israel and the US, spewing their hatred against the Jews and those who would support them. Meanwhile, the suffering on all sides is unimaginable.