pastor Charlie Bakar, preaching at The Well Church in Hemet, CA

Galatians 1| Guest Speaker Pastor Charlie Bakar

This sermon by Pastor Charlie Baker, of  New Beginnings Church in Norco delved into some timeless truths from Galatians chapter 1.

The people in the church in Galatia claimed that for Jesus to be their Messiah, they first had to become Jews. This false teaching upset Paul, so he wrote the letter to clear things up.

Here are the main takeaways from the sermon.

#1: Reject Any Distorted Gospel

When someone tries to add onto the gospel, you need to throw it out. 

The gospel can be distorted in a couple of ways. Some people take comfort in a rules-based gospel, because they like having a list of rules to follow. But that’s a distorted gospel, and if you try to follow a rules-based gospel, you’ll end up quitting because it’s impossible to measure up.

In today’s world, many distort the gospel in a different way. They claim that because God is love, we can live whatever lifestyle we want and be fine. That, too, is a distorted gospel that needs to be thrown out.

#2: Recognize Where Your Identity Comes From

Today’s culture loves to throw identity on us. It’s important to keep in mind this rule for identity: A created person can never give you an identity – only the creator can.

To simplify things, rather than looking to others or even from within yourself, trust the Bible over everything else.