Pastor Mark Garret preaching at the Well Church in Hemet, CA

Patience in Suffering, Part 2 | Pastor Mark Garrett

In his sermon “Patience in Suffering (Part 2)”, Pastor Mark Garrett delves into the topic of suffering, including depression, among Christians, providing a fresh perspective that combines personal experience, biblical references, and practical advice. He emphasizes that feelings of sorrow or depression aren’t indicative of a lack of faith. In fact, renowned religious figures like

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Guest speaker, Pastor Lewis Russo preaching at The Well Church in Hemet, CA

Walking Down Here As If We’re Already Up There | Pastor Lewis Russo

In this message, from 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12, Pastor Lewis Russo challenged us to live our lives here on earth as if we’re already in heaven. People think that sanctification is boring, but it’s nothing like that. It’s challenging! Are you up for the challenge that God has called you to today? God is calling the

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Knowing Jesus

PASTOR MARK GARRETT // 05.21.23 // Pastor Mark Garrett’s sermon, “Knowing Jesus,” focused on the importance of knowing Jesus personally rather than having mere head knowledge of God. He emphasized the significance of walking as Jesus walked and having a genuine love for Him. Pastor Mark Garret is the Lead Pastor at the Well. Until

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Fellowship with God

PASTOR MARK GARRETT // 05.14.23 // Pastor Mark Garrett’s sermon, “Fellowship with God,” centered on 1 John 1. It highlighted the divinity of Jesus, the importance of true fellowship with God through Him, and the necessity of confronting and addressing sin. The sermon aimed to inspire believers to deepen their relationship with God, embrace His

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Ready Now!

David McManus // 05.7.23 // Today we look at Ephesians 6:10-18. The overarching theme here is on readiness—we should be ready to serve, ready to fight and ready to go home! Listen in as we discuss the importance of good works as evidence of belonging to Christ, the metaphor of the armor of God to

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